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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Old flames Never die

Have you ever dated someone over and over again because, for some reason, you can't get over him? That's what happened and is still happening to me. There was this guy in 5th grade I liked a lot. He was the sporty guy, and all the girls were always wanting him to sit beside them. You know how it is when you're young. Of course you realize when you get a little older that the guy is a complete idiot, although in the back of your head, there's still that little bit of desire. Every once in awhile that guy will talk to you. In that moment you feel like the little girl you once were, and wish that your story would end happily. It never happens that way though. You realize that the little desire never fizzles, but it also never develops into a full fire. The thought's always there but the actions are never taken. Life is about decisions. Decisions take lots of thought and sometimes a little courage and most people are not courageous enough to do anything with their lives. A little like myself and this guy. Maybe by taking that leap of faith and asking him on a date will soothe my desire. Or maybe that leap will fall short and I will end up in the burning flames. I guess I'll never know. Like most people, I will carry on with my normal life and continue feeding the fire little bits at a time. In the end old flames never die and people continue shying away from potential happiness. Fun Fact: I hate being told what to do when it comes to relationships, I'd rather give advice then receive it.

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