Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dating your best friend

«Have you ever dated a best friend? Well I have and the end result was not good. Let's just say we don't talk...at all! It really does suck because we talked about anything and everything. The thing to understand, is that when you have a good guy friend, don't date him. It is not worth the heartbreak, which is in fact double the misery. Not only do you lose someone you love, but you also lose a friend. This boy was my rock, my shelter, quite frankly he was my life. One day though, it all went down the toilet. Everything that I thought I was to him turned to nothing. The mountain I was climbing, not only crumbled but destroyed me in its path. It's a good thing I look good with a cast on! » HAHA I bet you guys thought those were words of myself....they weren't! Although this girl, in a recent article I read, is a little dramatic, I do agree with the idea. I dated my best friend and it didn't end all that well. It's too bad; he was an amazing hugger! One fact about me is that I officially love going to the grocery store! Normally I find it boring but there is a new cashier and he is perfect eye candy which is just what I need right now...(I'm going to see him tonight, maybe I'll say something to break the ice)!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

First boyfriend (continued)

I found out, that she not only went out with him before we dated, but they also had a secret thing during our relationship. I know...I shocked you guys. Hahaha. Anyways... at least me and her are friends now. In fact, we are really good friends. We both, now that were older, laugh about the whole situation, going on about how we were mad at each other, over an idiot. Good old cat fights. Getting back to the boy... We ended up dating a total of about 200 hundred times! He kept breaking my heart, and I was stupid enough to keep on going back. Maybe it was because of that necklace he bought me for Christmas. It was a nice little bear, very cute but Walmart quality. The stupid thing broke and fell to the ground, never to be found.  I got him a....shirt. I wasn't too creative at the time. I now have what I like to call a creative-gift-giving-mind. The receivers of my gifts never know what they'll get. MUHAHAHAHAAH! I thought the Pie In Face was a great idea for my teacher. Turns out he is allergic to whipped cream. Oops, sorry Mr.Guns. (That's what we called him) I swear that teacher is on steroids! That's all for tonight. One thing you guys should know about me is that I love fruitcake!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

First boyfriend

So today I did some thinking about my first real boyfriend. Now that I think about it, he was super not worth my time or energy. I used to walk around the neighbourhood in the middle of winter with him, while he did his stupid papers; earning like what, 10 cents a paper? I'm pretty sure the ice age weather is why I no longer have feeling in my fingers, it was lost on one of our many treacherous walks. Anyways, this guy was such a loser. He was in 8th grade and still played...WOW (world of warcraft). I should have got the hint he wasn't going to benefit me in any way whatsoever. If dating a loser wasn't bad enough, the girl who dated him before happened to be in my class. She didn't particularly like me after hearing about my new fling. In fact she despised me. For three whole years she held a grudge until I found out... I'll tell the rest another day. Every time I write I will try to leave with an interesting fact about me. Here's the first: I love curling! (It's a really intense sport (; )

Monday, 16 April 2012

Just the beginning...

My name is Quinn Lee McRae. I'm in 11th grade and have loved every minute of it. I'm a pretty average girl. I am always searching for something to do, so I decided to create a blog. It'll contain stories of my life, the boys I meet and the interesting situations I get myself into. As I write my blog you will get to know more and more about me: interesting facts, what I like and dislike and all that jazzy stuff. Oh I almost forgot...my blog title. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term quintessence, it is the fifth element in the universe. There are of course earth, water, fire and air which are the four essential elements, but people forget the fifth: quintessence. I thought it was pretty cool and it went with my name....what a coincidence! It also describes me, at times I feel my importance is forgotten. I'm here though. Hello, I'm Quinn McRae and these are various adventures that have sculpted me.