Tuesday, 17 April 2012

First boyfriend

So today I did some thinking about my first real boyfriend. Now that I think about it, he was super not worth my time or energy. I used to walk around the neighbourhood in the middle of winter with him, while he did his stupid papers; earning like what, 10 cents a paper? I'm pretty sure the ice age weather is why I no longer have feeling in my fingers, it was lost on one of our many treacherous walks. Anyways, this guy was such a loser. He was in 8th grade and still played...WOW (world of warcraft). I should have got the hint he wasn't going to benefit me in any way whatsoever. If dating a loser wasn't bad enough, the girl who dated him before happened to be in my class. She didn't particularly like me after hearing about my new fling. In fact she despised me. For three whole years she held a grudge until I found out... I'll tell the rest another day. Every time I write I will try to leave with an interesting fact about me. Here's the first: I love curling! (It's a really intense sport (; )

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