Thursday, 19 April 2012

First boyfriend (continued)

I found out, that she not only went out with him before we dated, but they also had a secret thing during our relationship. I know...I shocked you guys. Hahaha. Anyways... at least me and her are friends now. In fact, we are really good friends. We both, now that were older, laugh about the whole situation, going on about how we were mad at each other, over an idiot. Good old cat fights. Getting back to the boy... We ended up dating a total of about 200 hundred times! He kept breaking my heart, and I was stupid enough to keep on going back. Maybe it was because of that necklace he bought me for Christmas. It was a nice little bear, very cute but Walmart quality. The stupid thing broke and fell to the ground, never to be found.  I got him a....shirt. I wasn't too creative at the time. I now have what I like to call a creative-gift-giving-mind. The receivers of my gifts never know what they'll get. MUHAHAHAHAAH! I thought the Pie In Face was a great idea for my teacher. Turns out he is allergic to whipped cream. Oops, sorry Mr.Guns. (That's what we called him) I swear that teacher is on steroids! That's all for tonight. One thing you guys should know about me is that I love fruitcake!!

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