Monday, 16 April 2012

Just the beginning...

My name is Quinn Lee McRae. I'm in 11th grade and have loved every minute of it. I'm a pretty average girl. I am always searching for something to do, so I decided to create a blog. It'll contain stories of my life, the boys I meet and the interesting situations I get myself into. As I write my blog you will get to know more and more about me: interesting facts, what I like and dislike and all that jazzy stuff. Oh I almost blog title. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term quintessence, it is the fifth element in the universe. There are of course earth, water, fire and air which are the four essential elements, but people forget the fifth: quintessence. I thought it was pretty cool and it went with my name....what a coincidence! It also describes me, at times I feel my importance is forgotten. I'm here though. Hello, I'm Quinn McRae and these are various adventures that have sculpted me.

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