Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dating your best friend

«Have you ever dated a best friend? Well I have and the end result was not good. Let's just say we don't talk...at all! It really does suck because we talked about anything and everything. The thing to understand, is that when you have a good guy friend, don't date him. It is not worth the heartbreak, which is in fact double the misery. Not only do you lose someone you love, but you also lose a friend. This boy was my rock, my shelter, quite frankly he was my life. One day though, it all went down the toilet. Everything that I thought I was to him turned to nothing. The mountain I was climbing, not only crumbled but destroyed me in its path. It's a good thing I look good with a cast on! » HAHA I bet you guys thought those were words of myself....they weren't! Although this girl, in a recent article I read, is a little dramatic, I do agree with the idea. I dated my best friend and it didn't end all that well. It's too bad; he was an amazing hugger! One fact about me is that I officially love going to the grocery store! Normally I find it boring but there is a new cashier and he is perfect eye candy which is just what I need right now...(I'm going to see him tonight, maybe I'll say something to break the ice)!

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  1. Awww, I feel bad for that girl! Just glad it didn't happen to you :) & good luck with the cashier... ;)